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Sales, Supply & Service

We also offer on-site maintenance service and contracts customized to suit any customers’ requirements.

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We offer various customized rental plans to satisfy customers’ requirements.

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Vertex Communication Sdn Bhd, hereinafter referred as Vertex, is the appointed dealer of Motorola Solution Malaysia Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia since year 2003. Its primary business is in the distribution and supplying of Motorola two-way radio walkie-talkies within West Malaysia. In addition, Vertex will also be able to offer services such as telecommunication system integrations, two-way radio walkie-talkies system consultancy, and rental/repairing/servicing of two-way radio walkie-talkies. Furthermore, with our recent appointment as a Motorola Exclusive Genuine Outlet (MEGO), Vertex has become one of the major outlets to offer genuine accessories for all Motorola Two-Way radio walkie-talkies.